The Journal of Irish Archaeology is the journal of the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland. It is a peer-reviewed, annual journal, comprising articles on Irish archaeology and related topics. The articles have a strong analytical component and may arise from various types of research including synthesis, survey, excavation and methodological developments. Researchers working in ancillary disciplines are also welcome to contribute. Submissions that place Irish material in a broad European or global context are particularly encouraged. 

The Board of Directors of the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland serves as the Editorial Board for the Journal and assists the editor in determining its content and assists in the adjudication of the JIA Postgraduate Prize.

Editorship of the journal currently rotates between the four main Irish universities (UCD, UCG, NUIG and Queen's University) every two years. The current editor is Dr Tomás Ó Carragáin of University College Cork who will shortly be succeeded by Prof. James Mallory of Queen's University Belfast.


the Journal of the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland